Who can enter the ALIBI awards?

Our awards celebrate the achievements of all women in business across Australia, regardless of their experience level or location. We welcome entries from new business owners, side hustlers, and established entrepreneurs who have been running businesses for years, regardless of where they are based – whether it be in regional areas, coastal regions, the outback, or cities.

Our categories are diverse, and we encourage all women to review the requirements and consider entering. Even if you lack confidence, take a chance and submit your entry. There’s nothing to lose, and we’re here to support you.

Our Award categories

We have 24 award categories, providing a diverse range of opportunities for every lady in business.
Feel free to enter multiple categories that align with your expertise, as we do not set any limits.
Please note that each category entry is priced at $79 (incl. GST).

Earth Keeper Award

Spiritual Business of the Year

ALIBI Business Lady of the Year

Lady Tradie

Personal Service of the Year

First Nations Business Lady of the Year

Golden Entrepreneur of the Year

Young Trailblazer of the Year

Aspiring Leader of the Year

Professional Service of the Year

Product-Based Business of the Year

Online Business of the Year

Brick & Mortar Business of the Year

Bright Spark

Rising Star

Enduring Brilliance

Regional Superstar

The Phoenix Award

Overcoming the Odds

Handmade Heroine​

Creative Service of the Year

Side Hustle Superstar

Community Leader

Social Change Maker